Carol Lansing

Contemporary American Caucasian - Nordic Ancestry


Carol is a male caucasian American, born in California and raised in Oregon. He stands at an imposing 6’ 4" height with a moderate build and red-ish brown thick full beard with mustache. He has dark brown almost black hair down to his shoulders.

He appears to be around 25 years old, in excellent health and frequently in good mood and full of mischief. He is a protective type and a little nosy – sometimes annoyingly so, but it is always in good intent.

Carol runs the Mobius Trip corner when Grandpa Glen is away.


Born in 1956, Carol spanned away from his natural corner in 10 years ago after faking his own death. He looks younger now than he did at his death and has taken the name of Carol after a great grandfather, abandoning his old identity entirely. He avoids talking about his painful past (absent father and aloof mother, “died” with his mother in a car crash).

He loves playing nordic roles with the SCA – and sometimes for real.

Carol Lansing

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